English Summary

The world is changing with a pace that we have hard time to comprehend. Technology is changing the way how we travel, work, spend our time or create value. The most innovative technologies, that are taking us to the world that will be different than the world we know, are a product of great minds at the best technical universities around the world and their alumni. We have great talent here at ČVUT to contribute to this change,  and I want to work hard the following 4 years so that the results from ČVUT matter. There are many great scientists, researchers and engineers at ČVUT and they are known for their great research results, architecture designs, revolutionary engine blueprints, innovative software applications and for bringing what they know best to their students. At ČVUT our instruction is based on top quality expert experience of our academic staff. This is our trademark and this is how we shall continue building our university. This is how teaching at ČVUT gets ahead of time and how we are preparing students for the jobs of the future. This is how we teach the future.

We have ambitions. We shall become members of the club of 150 best technical universities and we are on the trajectory to become the most wanted Central European technical university. We want the best students in the region to apply at ČVUT and we want the best research talent to work, teach and create here at ČVUT.

In order to get there, I propose the following strategic priorities for the university:

  1. People: For the best instruction we need plain best academic staff across the university. The responsibility of the rector is to provide fair, inspiring, avant-garde study, teaching and research environment. It is important to create an environment that would support inter-discipline collaboration among faculties. ČVUT needs to be open and welcoming to international students and increase the number of international students, PhD students,  postdocs and professors working at ČVUT
  2. Quality and Innovation: Top quality instruction cannot be provided if we do not understand and agree on metrics of quality of teaching and research output. The world as we see it today calls for unorthodox approach to measuring quality of teaching and research. We need to bold and change the quality system so that it takes to the future. We need to expand the  quantitative metrics with more impact orientation and comparison with peer institution in top technical 150.
  3. Efficiency and transparency: In order to succeed we need to be economically efficient. We need to reduce administrative requirements (and costs) to bare minimum. The strategic decisions that the university agrees upon needs to be based on transparent and high quality data. Such approach increases trust of the academic community towards the institution, so important in the changing world of creative jobs.
  4. Industry engagement and technology transfer: ČVUT is known for its orientation towards industry. Quality of our teaching is often influenced to how well are we able to share results of our research with early adopters and the industrial community here in our region. We need to setup an efficient and flexible rules for engaging with industry so that we can become part of the technology change. We need to create the environment where things happen, where new technology startups are built.


why me? I understand teaching. Have been lecturing AI for  20 years. I have cofounded (10 years ago) and I am a director of an unorthodox research  oriented computer science programme – Open Informatics, that is one of the most sought after informatics programme in the country. I know how to build an environment where people are happy and motivated. After becoming Prague CISCO Systems R&D Centre Director, CISCO became the The Employer of the Year in 2014. I can run complex organisations. My department has 70+ employees and 40+ PhD students. At CISCO my teams span across Prague, London, Austin and San Jose. I know research. My results are well cited. Good research professor is evaluated by what his former PhD students can do. Viliam Lisy, my former student, got his DeepStack paper published in Science. I understand technology transfer. I cofounded several startups. One of them, Cognitive Security, has been acquired by CISCO in 2013. This brought an opportunity to dozens of PhD students and ČVUT graduates, as much as hundreds of thousands Euros for the Joint CVUT/CISCO Research Programme. I am not a sprinter but I endure. I run marathon sub 4.00 (20 seconds).